Info about me!

     My life is all about religion & politics! First the politics, I am a “Traditional Conservative” in the Reagan mold and the best book on “Traditional Conservatism” is Mark Levin’s bestseller, “Liberty & Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto”. I despise not only statist Democrats but also Neo-Conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans as well. I am a huge Sarah Palin supporter and will work to help her win the White House and keep it for two terms along with a Traditional Conservative Republican majority in both Houses of Congress. I not only love politics but I also love to read up on history, theology, philosophy, Greco-Roman classical literature, Norse mythology & literature, Anglo-Saxon literature, and works of fantasy (especially J.R.R. Tolkien). I am an Evangelical Christian and my favorite Christian author is John Eldredge and my favorite pastor is Rick Warren. My favorite Christian authors concerning Christianity & politics are Francis Schaeffer (the father of the Religious Right) and Edmund Burke (the father of modern conservatism). I encourage you to read the following: The U.S. Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, the works of Edmund Burke, the writings of Thomas Jefferson & James Madison, books by Russell Kirk, and above all The Anti-Federalist Papers. I believe the two best keys to honest government are a virtuous population and the strict federalism outlined in the 10th Amendment. My favorite talk show host is Mark Levin and my favorite conservative on television is Glenn Beck. My favorite American Founding Father is Patrick Henry who warned the people about how the U.S. Constitution would be twisted to first take away states rights and then take away our personal liberties as well. Folks let us fight the hard battle to first restore Traditional Conservatism in the Republican Party and then go on to restore the original American Republic.

     Second my Christian Faith, I am an Evangelical Christian. I am part of both the “Refromissional Movement” which seeks to reach young 18-30ish people; and young men in particular since young men are the least churched group in America. We strive to actually be cultural relevant to a younger crowd: this means things like very hard rock valiant worship music, more art, movie clips, and shorter sermons. I am also part of the “Church for Men Movement” because I like so many others believe that the church has become way, way too feminized; so much so that most men feel as comfortable in church as they would be standing in Victoria’s Secrets. My goal at the moment is to find a job teaching theology in high school, because let’s face it most high school theology teachers simply well??? They suck; so say the students I talk to. Besides who is in a position to have a greater impact on teens? A high school pastor who sees them once on  weekends or a teacher who sees them five or more hours a week? You do the math.

      I am also currently writing a teen/kids fantasy series because I believe you can teach biblical truth not just through the Bible but also through alternate means. For example J.R.R. Tolkien’s: The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, and The Children of Hurin; as well as C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia all of which had a huge spiritual impact on millions of young people. My favorite Christian of all time is C.S. Lewis and like him I also love my beer and discussion groups! I love talking about the truths and pleasures of life over beer (Coronas & Bass Ale for me). I am not one of those nutty fundamentalists who are incapable of ever pulling their noses out of a Bible so as to be a part of life and culture. In fact I have started an organization for all fundamentalist Christians called: “Fundamentalists United” or you can refer to them as I do by their initials “F.U.!” I am also in the process trying to put together a mission team for a refromissionial church which I call Epic21C a church I want to start in Tempe, Arizona near Arizona State University; go Sun Devils!